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Recipe – BBQ Rabbit in Pomegranate Sauce and Grilled Figs

Recipe – BBQ Rabbit in Pomegranate Sauce and Grilled Figs

After you have shot your bunny, it’s essential you drain the bladder asap. The urine will contaminate the flesh and spoil your efforts when you cook the blighter. Once despatched, turn the rabbit away from you and holding it in your left hand, run your right hand along from the belly towards the rabbit’s back legs. This should empty its bladder onto whoever was foolish enough to stand in your path.

Due to the lack of natural fat on a rabbit, it can be a tricky one on the grill. The important thing is not to let it dry out and to keep the meat supple and moist. This is where a nice good brine helps. When you brine the carcass, the salt water effectively dissolves some of the muscle protein, (the fancy word is denaturising) which makes the meat more tender. The bunny will also absorb and retain more water which is crucial for when you pop it on a hot grill.

Day 1

Chop up the bunny into joints like so and make a brine.

The Brine. I use ¼ cup of cooking salt to 4 cups of water, a small amount of pink peppercorns, some thyme and 2 bay leaves. Bring all the heat until it all dissolves and when cool, add the rabbit fully submerged and leave overnight in the fridge (at least for 6 hours). You can experiment with the brine as you see fit, adding various herbs and spices. Some people add brown sugar to the brine which gives the meat a nice dark and sweet edge, but seeing as we are using a sweet marinade, I leave that bit.

Day 2

Remove the rabbit and rinse under cold water. Pat dry, and put to one side while you make the marinade. Any marinate is normally composed of at least 3 parts being Fat, Sugar and Acid.

In a small Robot Coupe, blend 1 small beetroot with the pomegranate juice. Once blended add your pomegranate molasses, your rosemary and 2 cloves of crushed garlic. Combine olive oil (fat) with your molasses mixture (sugar) and your Worcestershire sauce (acid). Marinate the rabbit until the evening (8 hours).

Cook on the bbq till just done enough. Careful not to over cook! Brushing it with butter will give the bunny a nice fatty coat.

Whilst you have the rabbit on the grill, cut your figs in half, and dip in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Grill till warm, and then remove and brush with your pomegranate molasses.

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