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How to build a fermentation chamber for making your own salame

How to build a fermentation chamber for making your own salame

A fermentation chamber is a simple but essential bit of kit when making your game salami. Keeping the meat hot n humid will ensure that the starter culture and correct mould has time to develop. This will enrich the taste, as well as ensuring that an acidic enough environment will aid in hinder any nasty bacteria from developing. Whilst it can be made from a something as simple as a container box and a lightbulb, (or even a bin liner) I find the below way simple, cheap and effective. You will need

The carcass of an old under counter fridge. ( it doesn’t matter if it works as you will never switch it on)

A ceramic heat bulb

A wireless thermostat

A socket dimmer

A computer fan

A double plug

Look for an old and CLEAN!!!  fridge with no rust.  Cut the power cable to make it safe. With a good anti bacterial spray (check for BS standard EN 13697) begin with a thorough clean of the inside including the door seals.  You will be creating almost perfect conditions for bacteria to thrive in, so Lord knows you know want the microbes from the local dump in there. Once dry and clean, drill two small holes in the side at the bottom for the cables. Pass through the power cables of the fan and lamp and fix both to the inside free from any onstruction and ensuring that nothing touches the ceramic heat bulb.  Place the wireless thermostat at the bottom and set to 22 degrees Celcius.

Plug the socket of the wireless thermostat in and with a double plug connect the dimmer on the circuit of the lamp and the fan. Set the dimmer to minimal power.

The thermostat should then regulate the temperature. Don’t worry about the humidity as the salami alone should be more than enough to bring it up to par. You can always add a cheap hygrometer to the inside to check. It should be as close to 95% as possible.   If the humidity begins to drop, simply spritz some water in, close the door, and check again in a few hours..

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